Item 3 ID with SR on Internally displaced Persons

We are grateful to Special Rapporteur Madam Cecilia Jimenez-Damary for the exhaustive report (A/HRC/44/41) on internal displacement and disabilities.

We note the concern that internally displaced persons with intellectual and psychological disabilities are at greater risk of abuse, violence and neglect. 

Autism is often missed in the mental disability spectrum as it is less obvious. Persons with autism have disadvantages in normal life let alone in difficult situations such as internal displacement. 
Sikh Human Rights Group affiliate, Caudwell Children, has vast experience in this field. We will be willing to offer expertise to assist with recognition and proactive human rights based inclusion policy for children with Autism in Internally Displaced Persons. 

We also wish to draw attention of the Special Rapporteur to the plight of Sikhs in Afghanistan. Due to the intolerant and violent policies of several insurgency groups since 1998, the population of Sikhs in Afghanistan has gone down from 200000 to a mere hundred or so. Others have left. It has affected diversity in the country. 
Those Sikhs remaining behind have left provincial towns and cities for the safety of a closed area in the capital Kabul. Even there, the Sikhs suffered horrific terrorist bomb attack on 25th and 26th March 2020. 

We appreciate the efforts of the Government of Afghanistan and understand their helplessness. 

We will urge the SR to consider these few remaining families from Sikh community as internally displaced so they can be relocated to safer places in the world.