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The Indian Government has enacted 3 Laws called Agriculture Bills. Indian Farmers have rejected these and have been protesting since November in Delhi. They want then repealed and consultations to start. Read the background, implications and how you can join to assist.


We urge the United Nations Secretary-General to call upon India to repeal the three Farm Laws as they breach International treaties signed by India. The Secretary-General to request India to fully consult farmers on any new policies as is consistent with 2018 UN Declaration on Rights of Peasants.

Applicable International Treaties, Conventions and Regulations Re: India’s Agricultural Crisis

In the opinion of Sikh Human Rights Group Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian Government’s recent attempt to implement the Three Farmers Bills into India’s domestic law has breached many international human rights norms as well as many international human rights law provisions.

The three farm laws were brought in without consultation with farmers or their leaders, they remove the provision for independent evaluation of produce in relation to costs of production and they also deny farmers access to independent justice in case of contractual disputes.

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Global Young Greens Statement

A Bitter Harvest – Blog post by Global Young Greens

Despite the grand ambition of doubling farmer’s income latest by 2022, recent bills of the government of India are just revealing. These bills make us think – Are we able to envision the upcoming 10 years on or are we in a state of chronic myopia?

Recently, the new farm laws have brought the farmers of different parts of India to the streets of Delhi and other representative stakeholders. These bills attempt to weaken the most fundamental constituent of India’s economy – its agriculture sector. These fragments of legislation will undo the hard work of farmers and policymakers, which were undertaken to make the country self-sufficient in food grains. These bills would place the food security of the nation in the hands of corporations pauperizing the condition of our farmers.

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BRIEFING PAPER ON FARMERS’ ISSUE IN INDIAISSUE: Laws (known as the three Farm Bills) have recently been introduced in India that have eroded the already fragile protection afforded to small farmers;The fundamental right to go to Court on contractual disputes, under Articles 6 and 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), has been taken away from farmers; The Indian government is trying to throw the farmers to the ‘market’ and remove protection as well as the small subsidy that enables small farmers to survive the ups and downs of the market; and Farmers feel that they will be pushed into bankruptcies and lose their land.

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Sikh Human Rights Group has been engaged in promotion and defence of diversity since its inception. This is based on one of the core philosophies of Sikhi that creation is both diverse physically and culturally but also co-dependent. Life comes in many forms. Life engages in many forms. It is therefore important that Human Beings respect life in its rich and varied diversity. People and communities have different belief systems, different philosophical systems and different physical attributes. As long as these have some basic respect for the dignity of others, human society should strive to create space and engagement as well as dignity for the various diversities.

SHRG laid its approach to diversity at the World Conference Against Racism in 2001 at Durban. It has been pursuing this since then through conferences, activism and academic papers. Some of the work is attached here with.

There are different strands of work within the Diversity pillar. These include Cultural Diversity, The issue of diversity itself as a philosophy. Gender issues. Institutions and Diversity and SHRG also specialises in issues of diversity concerning Sikhs.

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